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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Since my Mother’s Day Gift Guide proved to be helpful to a few people, I decided to do one for Father’s Day. And as with the MD post, I am just about a day late and a dollar short getting it written. The good news is, there are a couple of gift options that will … Continue reading

Birthmother’s Day

On the day before Mother’s Day, many families that have adopted choose to honor  their child’s birthmother.  Lifeline (our adoption agency) has chosen birthmothers to be their monthly ministry focus, which I think is quite fitting for the month we celebrate motherhood. I think birthmothers are too quickly judged for choosing to put their children up for … Continue reading

Adoption Information Meeting!!

I am so excited that FBC Dothan is hosting an adoption information meeting tomorrow night. This meeting is sponsored by Lifeline Children’s Services and will be conducted by Sherry Starling. Here are the pertinent details you need to know: Where: In the Chapel at FBC Dothan  When: Tuesday, December 10th  Time: 6:00 pm Who should … Continue reading

Happenings in the Adoption World

Hello all! I have several things that I have been meaning to share for a while now (isn’t that always the case with me?) and I will try to make this brief as possible. First, in case you haven’t seen on Facebook or even the news, Alison and Stephen have started a nonprofit called Forever … Continue reading

Day Trip to B’ham

Day Trip to B’ham

As I said on Facebook this morning, I’m not sure why the expression is “bright and early”, because there is certainly nothing bright about waking up at 5 a.m. and being on the road by 6. Jeremy said there are lots of people up at this time and headed to work. But I am not … Continue reading

Hoping For An Early Christmas

Hoping For An Early Christmas

Jeremy and I recently mailed in applications in the hopes that we will receive some grant money for our adoption. They are both awarded around mid-December. And what a Christmas it would be if we were to receive one (or both) of them! The first grant we applied for was through Help Us Adopt. Jeremy actually found them through a Google … Continue reading