Posted in May 2014

Birthmother’s Day

On the day before Mother’s Day, many families that have adopted choose to honor  their child’s birthmother.  Lifeline (our adoption agency) has chosen birthmothers to be their monthly ministry focus, which I think is quite fitting for the month we celebrate motherhood. I think birthmothers are too quickly judged for choosing to put their children up for … Continue reading

Big Announcement!

Well, it’s pretty obvious the announcement isn’t that I’m pregnant. Unless you’ve somehow missed that fact because I actually haven’t talked about that at all on here! And sadly I am not here to say we are adopting again. But I sure do hope that is in God’s will for our lives down the road… … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I am writing this post for the men. I know you all have a hard time buying gifts for your wives and mothers. Maybe some of you ladies do too, but I’m going to assume it’s mostly the men-folk. So ladies, feel free to share this post with the guys in your life. 🙂 If … Continue reading