Birthmother’s Day

On the day before Mother’s Day, many families that have adopted choose to honor  their child’s birthmother.  Lifeline (our adoption agency) has chosen birthmothers to be their monthly ministry focus, which I think is quite fitting for the month we celebrate motherhood. I think birthmothers are too quickly judged for choosing to put their children up for adoption. But we have to stop and realize that by choosing adoption, they chose life and the opportunity for their child to be given a forever family. I don’t know that we can fully comprehend the sacrifice and selflessness of such an act. I posted this video on Facebook this week. What a testimony these ladies have to share! I am thankful we used  an agency that works so closely with birthmothers, not only to help them make an adoption plan, but show the love of Christ to them as well.


Lifeline has several ways that you can be involved with their birthmother ministry. A couple of examples are by donating money for maternity home care or giving gift cards so that the staff can take these moms to dinner, Wal-Mart, etc. Click here for others ways to be involved.  I know many of you are hurting right now because you so desire to have a child. Perhaps ministering to these birthmoms would in some strange way bring you a little comfort, peace and healing. I know that probably sounds crazy, but God works in unbelievable ways.

I think about EB’s birthmother from time to time and wonder what she looks like, what her personality is like and if she has another child. I wonder how much she misses EB and if she feels pain and guilt for giving her up. More than anything, I wish that she could somehow know that EB is safe and loved more than she can imagine. I confess I don’t pray for her as often as I should, but that is my prayer for her. I pray that God will redeem and restore her life. I will forever be grateful to this woman whose sacrifice made me a mother.

The chances of EB ever knowing her birthmother are very slim. Before me, the only mother figure she really knew was her nanny. I will always be thankful for her too because she loved and cared for my child before I became her forever mama.


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