This just a running list of my favorite sites, articles, etc. on adoption.

The adoption agency we are using is Lifeline Children’s Services out of Birmingham. Here is the link to their site if you would like to read more about them.

While reading Kisses From Katie (which I highly recommend!), I learned about 147 Million Orphans. This foundation was started by two adoptive mothers. They support many things and one being adoption. At some point we may do a fundraiser through their organization.

Another great resource is Adopt Without Debt. I ordered the book and it is full of great fundraiser ideas!

Love this poem about adoption on Lifeline’s blog!

I am so thankful for the adoptive mothers who started this site and for the fact that I found it! No Hands But Ours has been a very helpful resource to learn more about special needs adoption.

HomeLife magazine recently printed a great article about supporting familes who adopt.

Several great posts by Jen Hatmaker. She has adopted two children from Ethiopia.

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