Posted in April 2011

Good Friday

I was thinking the other day how odd it must seem, most specifically to non-believers that we call today Good Friday. When we think about all that took place on that Friday around 2,000 years ago, how can we say that the mocking, beating, and suffering that Jesus endured was “good”? For those of us … Continue reading

Nobody needed any tape

Last Sunday Jaylee was baptized and I am so thankful I was able to be there. We all held it together pretty well. I don’t think anybody burst into tears but I’m sure everybody teared up like I did. And nobody needed any tape on their mouths. 🙂 (read post below if you’re not about … Continue reading

Last Sunday…

…my oldest niece Jaylee walked the aisle at her church to tell her pastor that she had given her heart to Jesus! When Tori called to tell us, it just made my whole day. I was so happy and proud to know that she had made the biggest and best decision of her life. And … Continue reading