Happenings in the Adoption World

Hello all! I have several things that I have been meaning to share for a while now (isn’t that always the case with me?) and I will try to make this brief as possible.

First, in case you haven’t seen on Facebook or even the news, Alison and Stephen have started a nonprofit called Forever Families Foundation.  The Sanders have such a heart for adoption and know other families do too, but might not have the necessary funds to begin the process. This was certainly the case for us. Had it not been for the grant we received from Show Hope ,along with generous donations from family and friends, we would not have been able to adopt. Their hope is to provide financial assistance to Wiregrass families adopting both domestically and internationally. You can read more about FFF’s mission statement and how to apply for grants on their website.

In order to provide families with grants, they of course have to have money! This is where fundraising comes into play. FFF will have their first online silent auction starting on November 8th. Alison said they have some great items lined up to bid on, but definitely need more for the auction. That being said, I am asking for some help! If you have been touched by the adoption of our precious EB girl, or Alison and Stephen’s Allie Ruth, please consider making a contribution to this silent auction or a monetary donation to the foundation. I have heard many of you say how our journeys have affected and/or changed your lives. Awareness to the orphan crisis has now been brought to your attention and you have an opportunity to be involved in a very easy way. Here are a few suggestions of items or services to donate to the auction:

  • gift certificate for a 30 minute or 1 hour massage
  • gift certificate to a restaurant
  • photo session and one 8×10 photo of choice and/or images on CD
  • donation of an item from your store
  • free guitar/piano/gymnastics, etc. lesson
  • many of you are crafty, so perhaps a homemade item of some sort

These are just the first few that popped into my head, but obviously the possibilities are endless. If you would like to help, you can contact Alison or myself. Thank you in advance for your support!

Secondly, I have been emailing back and forth with some of the Lifeline team about having an informational meeting here in Dothan. Jeremy and I attended one of these meetings in Birmingham, but I realize that’s not quite feasible for everyone.  My church, FBC Dothan, has been gracious to allow the meeting to take place one night in the chapel. Fall Break kind of threw a kink in our plans, but I hope to have a date for you all soon. I will definitely keep you updated as I know more!

Lastly, Orphan Sunday is coming up on November 3rd. I am ashamed to admit it, but I had never heard of this day until we began the adoption process. I am hoping to have some information/resources available for our members/visitors at church on that Sunday. If you would like to participate in Orphan Sunday at your church, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to share more information with you and where you can find promotional materials. November is also National Adoption Awareness so you’ll be hearing from me a lot more next month. I might even have a guest blogger or two.

One more thing. Jeremy should hopefully be blogging soon about EB’s upcoming eye surgery next week, so be on the lookout for his post!





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