Posted in July 2013

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

45 hours from Guangzhou to Dothan. Almost two full days with basically no sleep. During that time period, EB probably slept 6 hours and Jeremy, mama and I much less than that. Sleep deprivation and jet lag are two of the main reasons I haven’t posted before today. I had no idea how bad jet lag … Continue reading

We Are Almost Home!

I am typing this post on the plane and I believe it’s about 6:45 pm China time and 5:45 am Alabama time. I have been so confused since we left about time, and my lack of sleep certainly hasn’t helped. I guess I need to try and flip my clock back to Alabama and begin … Continue reading

Wednesday in Guangzhou

Ok guys, I am really going to try and make this quick. It is a little after 12 pm here on Thursday and we are leaving the hotel at 2:30. We are mostly packed, but I am stressing a bit about where to put all the things EB will need and might need in my … Continue reading

Tuesday in Guangzhou

Good evening everyone! It is about 9:40 pm on Wednesday here in Guangzhou. I apologize for no update last night, but I was absolutely exhausted and went to bed early. So I’ll try to type a quick (but you know how that usually goes with me) update of the past two days. Tuesday was a free … Continue reading

Zoo Day!

Today we got to visit the Guangzhou Zoo. This was one excursion that mama, Jeremy and I had been looking forward to. Once again, it was scorching outside. Thankfully though the zoo had lots of trees that provided decent shade. The zoo was very nice and much larger than we expected. Of all the animals … Continue reading

Worst Blogger Ever

I guess I need to start by apologizing for being a terrible blogger since we’ve been in China. I’ve had every intention of posting daily, but it obviously hasn’t happened. Thankfully, Jeremy has been doing a terrific job of keeping everyone updated on Facebook with his daily notes. I know some of you aren’t on … Continue reading

Our EB Girl

Good afternoon! It is about 2:40 on Thursday here in Nanjing. We are wrapping up our week here and will fly tomorrow afternoon to Guangzhou. There are so many things to share with you all about our week here and I promise to eventually do just that. But typing on my phone isn’t the greatest … Continue reading

A Photo Update

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. God is most definitely  hearing and answering! I had planned to fill in the gaps since Sunday but decided that Jeremy is doing a great job with his Facebook notes. So for now, enjoy a few pictures because I know that’s what y’all prefer over my … Continue reading