Nobody needed any tape

Last Sunday Jaylee was baptized and I am so thankful I was able to be there. We all held it together pretty well. I don’t think anybody burst into tears but I’m sure everybody teared up like I did. And nobody needed any tape on their mouths. 🙂 (read post below if you’re not about this statement) I’m sure Jaylee appreciated that from us. 

I’m so glad the baptism was scheduled for last Sunday. Our family needed something joyful and uplifting. We had just found out the Friday before that Mrs. Angie’s cancer is back. Even though we may not always realize it, God’s timing is perfect and having the baptism two days later was just what we all needed.

Mrs. Angie was first diagnosed five years ago with lung cancer (never been a smoker). It came back about two years ago in her esophagus and now it’s back in the neck area. She is having a PET scan done today that will pinpoint more specifics of the cancer.  She’ll meet with her oncologist on Tuesday to discuss the details and treatment plan. Please keep her in your prayers!  


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