Last Sunday…

…my oldest niece Jaylee walked the aisle at her church to tell her pastor that she had given her heart to Jesus! When Tori called to tell us, it just made my whole day. I was so happy and proud to know that she had made the biggest and best decision of her life. And might I add how brave she was. It’s hard to walk down the aisle of any church, at any age. But to walk down the aisle of a church as big as hers (probably  1,000 people) at 7 is amazing.

About a week before that, while Tori was drying her hair, Jaylee said she wanted to talk to her about something. Tori told her to go ahead because it was just the two of them. But she said she wanted to wait until her brothers and sister were in bed. So they waited and then she asked Tori a lot of questions. I’m not sure what all she asked but I do know that she told Tori that Jesus had been speaking to her heart. Doesn’t that just give you goosebumps or make you want to cry? And I love the confidence of children. She knew the Lord was speaking to her and yet we as adults don’t even know half the time! Tori prayed with her and Jaylee asked Jesus to come into her heart. What an awesome moment for Tori to be a part of leading her child to the Lord.

When church was over last week, Tori wanted  Jaylee to call and tell the family. Well, she was not a fan of that. God love her, she is just like her Uncle Jeremy and granddaddy!  She can be so curious sometimes. Tori told her that if she could walk down in front of all those people, then certainly she could tell those that love her the most.  Even though Jaylee did not want to make a big deal out of it, Tori  also told her that she wanted to have a family celebration dinner. I presume it will be when she gets baptized. She told Jaylee she could pick any restaurant and she picked Olive Garden. I am personally pumped because we never go there. Her uncle and granddaddy, not so much. 🙂 Anyway, she called Mrs. Angie (that’s Mimi, Jeremy’s mama) and said something to this effect: (I know I don’t have it exactly right!)

Jaylee: Mimi, do you want to go to a celebration dinner?

Mrs. Angie: Well yes, but what are we celebrating?

Jaylee:  I have something to tell you then I’m going to hang up

Mrs. Angie: I don’t understand. What are you talking about? What are we celebrating?

At this point, Jaylee rattled off something at lightning speed and hung up the phone! So Tori called Mrs. Angie back and asked if she understood what Jaylee said. And of course she said she did not. So Tori put Jaylee back on the phone.

Jaylee: I am going to tell you slowly this time and then I’m going to hang up. And don’t make any comments. You probably  just need to put tape on your mouth. (Hilarious! Especially if you knew Jaylee’s personality.) I asked Jesus to come into my heart. Click.

Well at that point Mrs. Angie burst into tears. Jaylee probably knew that would happen and she just didn’t care to hear it. haha

I can’t wait for her baptism. I know I will probably cry (and I am not a crier!) because I tear up when children at our church walk the aisle and get baptized. And I guess we’ll all need tape on our mouths that day. 🙂

I love my Jay Bug!


2 thoughts on “Last Sunday…

  1. I cried through this whole thing! I could hardly keep it together during our conversation the night she prayed and asked Jesus to be her Savior. I was also praying very hard for strength and composure for myself because she needed me to be able to talk to her. Thanks for the precious post. We love you!

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