On Our Way Again

Good New Year’s afternoon from somewhere on 231! We are in route to Birmingham for EB’s second eye surgery. So far it’s been a gray, rainy drive, and Jeremy has us listening to ESPN radio. Boring. The good news though, is that we are stopping at The Summit so I can do a little shopping! Thankfully, I don’t think it’s supposed to be raining there, just really cold.

Anyway, we would appreciate your prayers for EB once again. You all are so faithful to pray for her and us. Here are a few specifics:
Pray that the procedure will go as smoothly (or better) than the first one.
Pray for Dr. Scruggs and the other doctors and nurses who will be involved in the surgery.
Pray that she won’t have any bad memories from last time. We are a little worried that we’ll walk into the hospital tomorrow morning and she’ll freak out!
Pray that she won’t cry or be upset when they take her back.
Pray that recovery won’t be as traumatic for her or us. I would love for them to allow us to actually be there when she wakes up this time!
And pray she tolerates the expander and stitches as well as she has these. We are so thankful she hasn’t appeared to be in any pain or bothered at all!

Thank you so much for your prayers and genuine concern.

Happy New Year to you all!


(She only napped for about an hour. Thankfully she’s happy at the moment and not screaming. 🙂 )

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