I know I promised an update about EB’s surgery from Jeremy before Monday, but that pretty much didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll try to do that on the drive to Birmingham tomorrow. I am writing tonight however, about another little girl. Our sweet friend Mabry, or Mae as she is most often called, will be having her first, big surgery tomorrow.

Mae and her family were with us the entire two weeks in China. They are precious people and we sure wish they lived closer! Matt and Shauna are the parents, and they brought their two biological daughters, Gabrielle and Grace with them to China. They are the sweetest girls and were such a big help with their new sister. They did not bring their two sons on the trip; one biological and one adopted from Africa.

I can’t remember all the medical terminology associated with Mae’s special need, but a very simple explanation is that her skull didn’t form correctly and it comes to a point at the top of her head. Tomorrow she will have surgery on the back of her skull and then she’ll have another surgery again in six months.

I feel like I have done Mae a disservice for not being able to better explain what’s going on with her. But hopefully when I get an update from Shauna, I can better explain it to you guys.

Please remember sweet Mae in your prayers. Pray that the surgery will go smoothly, wisdom for the doctors and nurses, no complications (such as infection) after the surgery, a quicker than expected recovery, and of course for peace and comfort for the family. Mae will be in the hospital for three days. I hope to be able to update you tomorrow; maybe when I post about EB’s surgery.

I also really wanted to post a picture of Mae. But Jeremy reminded me that not everyone freely shares photos of their children on the internet like we do. So if Shauna says it’s ok, I’ll post a few. I could just eat Mae up with her cute little dimples! She was so happy while we were in China and made us smile every day.

Hope to be back soon….:)

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