Adjustment Part 1

As always, I had good intentions of posting an adjustment update way before today. But I have quickly learned that having a baby doesn’t leave as much time for extras (reading, internet, TV, etc). And in the free time I do have, I am usually too tired to sit down and write. Let me say that I am not complaining; just stating a new fact of life for me.  Anyway, this Friday marks one month that we have been home. I can’t believe it’s already been that long!

Of the people we have talked to about EB, most have asked the same questions. So I figured the rest of you are probably interested in that info as well, and decided to write this post Q&A style.

What are y’all calling her?

Most of the time we call her EB. However, we pronounce it EeeBee, not E.B. Every now and then we say Ella Blair. I told Jeremy she’s going to be confused if we ever call her Ella Blair on  regular basis since we switched from her Chinese name to EB so quickly. I think he’s pretty stuck on calling her EB forever which doesn’t so much thrill her Aunt Tori. 🙂

How is she adjusting?

We have learned that attachment/bonding and adjustment are two totally different concepts. I realize that should have seemed pretty obvious, but it didn’t until we came home. We feel confident she is attached to us and most of the time prefers me over Jeremy. I’m sure this will change one day, but for now I am loving it! Except for when I need to use the bathroom and she follows me. I totally get it now moms. We are truly thankful though that God has bonded us together. I know that the attachment she had to her caregivers in China played a huge part as well.

Adjusting to her new family members and certain public places has been a different story. There’s so much to tell in this area, so I will wait and share in the next post. Sleeping falls into this category as well and could probably have it’s very own post…

How is her eating?

The girl loves to eat! She’s quite like her sister Roxie in that she doesn’t turn down any food. Again, we are so thankful that she’s a good eater and that she doesn’t have any food hoarding issues. When she is done eating, she will either shake her head no, push the food/drink away or sign all done/finished. She loves fruits and vegetables and typically prefers them over anything else. Jeremy and I are probably ruining her by offering her the junk we like to eat though. EB also loves La Bamba, so she was obviously destined to be a Lee. She can tear up some Mexican rice and refried beans! For breakfast, she typically eats a whole banana and 1-2 scrambled eggs. It’s amazing how much food she can put way considering how tiny she is. We were convinced she had a parasite (very common in adopted children) resulting in her low weight. We were so relieved (and shocked) to get the news that she was parasite free. I guess she’s just going to be a petite girl. She has gained one whole pound since we’ve been home, bringing her to a whopping 18 pounds.

We’ve been concerned that she has a milk intolerance. Apparently, it is common in Asian people. We have switched her to almond milk and are trying to see if it has made a difference. It’s been difficult to determine if the whole milk or drastic diet change was the cause for her tummy issues. I have tried unsuccessfully to get her to drink water. I guess she’ll just be a milk and juice girl for now.

How are she and Roxie getting along?

EB absolutely loves Roxie. I can’t say the feeling is mutual. Poor Roxie girl was in a state of depression for about a week. When Jeremy went to feed her breakfast the second morning we were home, she tried to run away! She never attempts to leave the backyard when she’s being fed so we always leave the gate open. Big mistake. Jeremy said she took off running towards the cul-de-sac, headed for the woods. He called her name multiple times and she never looked back! Thankfully she finally stopped, but still refused to walk home. Jeremy had to carry her back and he said she was shaking. That just broke my heart! Roxie is making progress though. She has sniffed EB a few times and even licked her foot. I should post the video of their first meeting where Roxie completely ignored her. Jeremy and I have been shocked by Roxie’s behavior. We just knew she would be beside herself about EB since she loves children. Perhaps that’s because other kids only visit for short periods of time and don’t replace her as the only child.  Jeremy and I have had to make sure Roxie has some individual time when EB isn’t around. Roxie wasn’t too happy that EB was outside every time she was allowed out of the backyard. We’ve had a few family walks after supper and Roxie has tried her best to run away from Jeremy and EB.  So for now, we have stuck to the usual mama and Roxie walk.

Our kitchen has a big window and glass door, so EB can see Roxie whenever she wants. Her favorite thing to do is wave to her and say “Hey”. That’s actually the first English word (besides mama) EB said, and what she says the most. She probably tells Roxie hey a million times a day. EB likes to go outside and watch Jeremy and Roxie play and thinks it’s funny when Roxie goes bananas. She also enjoys when Roxie “knocks” on the front door at the end of her walk. EB laughs at her for a minute and then closes the door on her. 🙂 As much as EB loves her, she hasn’t willingly petted her yet. We know she will one day though and it’s enough for us that she isn’t terrified of her.

What I have learned thus far:

So nobody has actually asked me that question, but I thought I’d tell you anyway.

1. Babies’ fingernails grow like weeds and are sharp as talons. I swear I am cutting them every other day. Is this a universal thing or just specific to her?

2. Changing a crib sheet is pure torture. I change our sheets every week, but she’s going on the every other week schedule. Unless of course she gets sick in the bed and/or has a bathroom accident. I know it’s inevitable, but I’m sure hoping we can hold out for a while on that experience.

3. I can do lots of things with one hand/while holding a baby.

4. Boogie Wipes and disposable place mats (for restaurants) are great inventions.

5. There is nothing better in this world than seeing her big smile and making her laugh.

I’m going to wrap this post up as our SW Sherry (remember her from our home-study lat summer?) will be here any minute to complete our first post-adoption visit. I promise I’ll try and post again with Part 2 before another month has passed. Until then, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.


Yummy, strawberry, Welcome Home cake made by our friend Mrs. Lydia

Not so sure about the Welcome Home lamb


Not the best pic of EB and me, but I love the expression on my granddaddy’s face. I know our whole family was thankful that he was able to meet her.           Definitely an answered prayer!


2 thoughts on “Adjustment Part 1

  1. This made me smile! Yes, baby’s finger nails really grow that fast! It’s crazy. About sheets… quick zip sheets are the most amazing thing in the entire world! I try to tell all new moms about them i love them that much. You have to order them online and they only come in basic colors but are awesome!!! They keep u from having to pull the entire mattress out, which is comprable to a crossfit workout if you have a bumper on the crib. So glad a girlfriend told me about them. EB is precious, and I have enjoyed reading ur posts!

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