Wednesday in Guangzhou

Ok guys, I am really going to try and make this quick. It is a little after 12 pm here on Thursday and we are leaving the hotel at 2:30. We are mostly packed, but I am stressing a bit about where to put all the things EB will need and might need in my carry on. Hopefully between Jeremy and me we can cram it all in!

When we leave the hotel, we will stop back by the Consulate to pick up EB’s visa. The Sigmon and Shepard families will be with us as well getting their girls’ visas and then we’ll all ride together to Hong Kong. Please pray that our traveling from now until we arrive in Dothan (and GA and NC for the other two families) will be uneventful, no flight delays or cancellations, no lost luggage, no sick babies or adults and no crying, unhappy babies! Pray that we will all be able to get some rest too.

Now for a brief rundown of yesterday’s events. Wednesday morning, we had our Consulate appointment. This is what we were so afraid we wouldn’t get before their two week shutdown. Three other LL families were with us and we all had to entertain our children for over half an hour before the immigration officer (I guess that’s his title) came to the window. He was the first American we has seen aside from other adoptive parents. I think we were all glad to have someone that we could understand and who could understand us. He gave us very detailed instructions pertaining to the documents we were about to receive. He also told us the most important information which was how to clear customs once we arrive in the States and that our children will be official citizens once we land on US soil! Then he had all families to stand, raise our right hands and take an oath on the behalf of our children. I was trying to keep EB happy so I missed part of what we were repeating. So much for that special moment. 🙂


Well guys, I did not finish this post before leaving the hotel and am now trying to finish while waiting to check-in at the airport. At some point I will post about Wednesday afternoon’s trip to Shamain Island. But typing on my phone with a EB strapped to me in the ergo doesn’t lend itself for lengthy posts.

We will be boarding in ~3 hours. Please keep us all in your prayers! Maybe I can post again during our long layover in Korea.


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