Tuesday in Guangzhou

Good evening everyone! It is about 9:40 pm on Wednesday here in Guangzhou. I apologize for no update last night, but I was absolutely exhausted and went to bed early. So I’ll try to type a quick (but you know how that usually goes with me) update of the past two days.

Tuesday was a free day for us until our dinner boat cruise. It was so nice being able to sleep late and not feel rushed to be anywhere. After breakfast, Jeremy, EB, mama and I explored the hotel. We walked through the garden to see the waterfall (which wasn’t running!) and koi pond. The flowers and landscaping here at the Garden Hotel are beautiful. There are gorgeous, live flower arrangements throughout the lobby as well. We also found the pool which was an extremely nice area. We all decided that if China wasn’t so far away, the Garden would be an awesome place to go for vacation! Even though we never made it to the adoptive families playroom, we did find a small children’s play area near the baby pool. EB and daddy had fun going down the slides and riding the rocking horses. 🙂




After playing, we went back to our rooms to rest a bit before lunch. Mama didn’t care to venture out again, so Jeremy, EB and I made a trip to the local grocery store to buy a few more staples. The grocery/department store (I’ll have to do a whole other blog post about stores, etc in China) also has a deli and Jeremy had been wanting to try the hot wings since Saturday. I ordered rice, noodles and some kind of onion roll. The lady gave me enough to feed an entire Chinese family. Because we didn’t want to walk all the way back to the hotel with our food, we decided to do what all the locals do; eat right there in the store. We found an empty space on the “eating bench” and had our lunch while EB slept in the Ergo. It was quite an experience to say the least.


Tuesday night,we headed out with the other Lifeline and Small World families to the Pearl River dinner cruise. The food was marginal at best and we weren’t too impressed with the boat. However, seeing the buildings of Guangzhou at night in all their colors was totally worth it. I have so many pictures from the cruise (and of all the other outings I’ve blogged about) that I’ll just have to do some picture posts once we are home. We will try to make some albums on Facebook too.





Tonight is our last sleep in China (stating how many more sleeps in common terminology in the adoption world for some reason) and then we will finally make the long journey home! I hope I can get my act together in the morning and post one more time before we leave, especially since I didn’t post about today’s activities. Also, I uploaded Jeremy’s final note to the Our Time in China tab. Please take the time to read if you haven’t already.


One thought on “Tuesday in Guangzhou

  1. What a wonderful story! Will continue to pray for all of you as you travel home and then cocoon!!!

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