Zoo Day!

Today we got to visit the Guangzhou Zoo. This was one excursion that mama, Jeremy and I had been looking forward to. Once again, it was scorching outside. Thankfully though the zoo had lots of trees that provided decent shade. The zoo was very nice and much larger than we expected. Of all the animals to see, we were most excited about the panda bears since they are native to China. I am sad to report that there were NO pandas at the zoo! Their exhibit/habitat is currently being renovated. I mean, who goes to China and doesn’t see panda bears? Oh, just Jeremy and me. Actually, I shouldn’t say there weren’t any pandas. The black and white pandas weren’t there but we did get to see another type that’s native to China. It’s called the Red Panda or Lesser Panda. It is a beautiful animal and doesn’t look at all like you would think. The only picture I got of it was on my digital camera and I haven’t uploaded those photos yet, but you can see what one looks like here.


EB didn’t get too pumped up about the animals like we did. I guess she’s still too little or was just too hot to care. The only animals that got a smile out of her were the pigs. Our little China doll got excited about an animal she can see anytime she wants in Alabama. Go figure. Despite her indifference to the animals, she held up pretty well until about 15 minutes or so before we left. All of our outings seem to interfere with lunch and nap time. I kept her semi-content with juice until we could get back on the air-conditioned bus. Luckily the juice prevented a major meltdown and she was her happy self once she cooled off and got some food.


After leaving the zoo, we made a pit stop at the hotel and then headed to lunch. Most of the families in our travel group participated and we went to a restaurant that served traditional Chinese food. I wish I had taken pictures of the food and table. The way in which they served us was quite interesting. In the middle of the table was a steaming (hopefully scalding) bowl of hot water. Our server used tongs and washed each of our cups, bowls and spoons before setting them on our place mats. We were given hot tea to drink (the Chinese rarely drink anything cold) which I did not care for. Jeremy and mama liked it pretty well though. The food was served on a lazy Susan. Our server brought the dishes as they were prepared. You would think rice and noodles would have come first, but it was actually the meat dishes. Rice and noodles didn’t come out until much later in the meal. We also had broccoli and green beans, sweet potato broth soup, sesame bread (so yummy!) and red bean green tea wrap. I was brave and tried that concoction and it was actually pretty good! I shied away from the meat however. I know our guides wouldn’t take us anywhere that wasn’t safe, but I am leery when it comes to meat, even at home. It was a neat experience and am glad we got an opportunity to try some non-Americanized Chinese food.


Tomorrow is a free day for us until our dinner boat cruise. While we love going and doing, we are thankful to get a little downtime. Maybe we will explore the hotel since we haven’t done that yet. There’s a gorgeous waterfall we’ve seen every morning at breakfast and a special playroom that’s just for adopted children and their families.

Here are a couple more pics for you guys!


Cheerios is one of her favorite snacks.

EBmonday3Intrigued by the Neosporin tube.


One thought on “Zoo Day!

  1. Great post! I love the red panda – that’s my favorite animal, they are really cute. Your little China Doll is adorable, I can’t wait to meet her in person! (from your cousin Debbi, Sam & Joan’s daughter)

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