Worst Blogger Ever

I guess I need to start by apologizing for being a terrible blogger since we’ve been in China. I’ve had every intention of posting daily, but it obviously hasn’t happened. Thankfully, Jeremy has been doing a terrific job of keeping everyone updated on Facebook with his daily notes. I know some of you aren’t on FB, so for you I have added a page here on the blog where you can read all about our time here in China.

To catch you up a bit, we are now in Guangzhou. We arrived late Friday night after a delay in Nanjing. It still stresses me out to think about the beyond awful experience that was the Nanjing airport so I’ll post about that experience sometime later. It is about 11 pm Sunday night so we have been here two full days. We are staying at The Garden Hotel and it is extremely nice. We have a suite and are thankful to have so much extra space.

Guangzhou is a huge city with a population of ~13 million. What’s funny is that when we were in Nanjing, our guide made several comments about how big Guangzhou was in comparison to Nanjing. But the population there is ~8 million! To compare, the population of NYC is also 8 million and California is around 39 million. I don’t think she could comprehend little ol’ Dothan having a population of only 60,000.

Last week in Nanjing there were 5 adoptive families, but only 3 of us did all of our outings together. I’m not sure what agencies the other two families were with, but Lifeline obviously partners with Small World and that’s why we were all together. Now that we have arrived in Guangzhou, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many adoptive families are here. It’s pretty awesome to see so many children that have been adopted into loving families. Within our new travel group, there are probably around 10 or so of us.

Yesterday was medicals. This is the day we had been dreading for quite some time since the Sanders didn’t have a great experience and neither did The Little Couple. (if y’all don’t watch that show, you totally should). Thankfully though, EB did great during her exam except for when the ENT looked up her nose. And because she isn’t two yet, she didn’t have to get the TB test! That is where the meltdowns typically occur because the parents aren’t allowed in the room which is just crazy to me. But all of the kids did pretty well and that was an answered prayer for all us parents! EB also had to get her picture taken for her visa. She didn’t like having to take her thumb out of her mouth and she has a little drool on her chin in her picture. 🙂


Waiting for her checkup



She didn’t mind this part of the examination

Saturday night, the three families from Nanjing (us, the Sigmons and the Kendricks) tried out the Mexican restaurant Tekila. You know it’s got to be legit when tequila is spelled with a K. 😉 The waitresses were dressed in traditional Mexican attire and I am sad I didn’t get a picture. The food had nothing on La Bamba, but it sure was a nice change.



First time in a highchair. Well, with us anyway.

Today was shopping and sightseeing. We hit up the Liwan Plaza first and y’all know Jeremy was pumped about that. 😉 There were so many stores and it was slightly overwhelming trying to figure out which store would have the best prices on jewelry. We were on a pearl mission since mama had already bought EB a jade bracelet in Nanjing (one of the things they are known for). To make a long story short, after spending a good bit of time in a very nice jewelry store  (where Jeremy definitely rubbed the pearls on his teeth to check for authenticity), we ended up in a small store in the back away from the main drag. Supposedly they are certified and reputable as they had the “gold plaque” we were to look for. We ended up buying two sets of pearl earrings (one for me and one for EB when she’s older), three pearl bracelets (one for me, one for EB and one extra because you had to buy the whole strand) and mama bought her a necklace. We made out like bandits so I’m sure we bought plastic pearls even though the girl assured us they were genuine freshwater pearls. Even if they are fake, we can at least tell EB her pearls came from China. Plus we paid less than what we would for costume jewelry in the States.

After leaving the plaza, we headed to Chen Ancestral Hall. Even though the architecture was pretty and some of the exhibits neat to look it, it was a miserable experience overall. It was incredibly hot and approaching EB’s nap time.  She cried and was very discontent most of the time we were there. There were some other parents in the same boat as us and we were all just wishing to be back on the air conditioned bus. Even if EB had been fine, nothing was written in English making it pretty difficult to appreciate the history of anything we saw. If we end up adopting again from China, we will definitely be skipping this outing.

Tonight we went to Starbucks after our gourmet dinner at McDonald’s. Y’all, my mocha frappuccino was about the best thing I’ve had in a week. Also, I was a bad mama because I let EB try some. She absolutely loved and I had to cut her off since I wasn’t sure if it would make or sick or just hyper. The girl didn’t go to bed until 10 so you can imagine the effect it had on her.

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo! We are pretty excited even though it will probably be about a million degrees.

I’ll end with a couple more pictures of our sweet girl.



She loves having lotion rubbed on her.


Ready for dinner


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