A Photo Update

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. God is most definitely  hearing and answering!

I had planned to fill in the gaps since Sunday but decided that Jeremy is doing a great job with his Facebook notes. So for now, enjoy a few pictures because I know that’s what y’all prefer over my writing anyway!

Looking at the fish


Deciding daddy might not be too bad. This was the first glimpse of a smile.


She already knew how to scroll on the iPhone.


Shaking the tree with daddy


Playing ball with mama and daddy. We finally got lots of laughs and smiles out of her!


Going for a ride on the luggage cart


First nap after leaving the civil affairs office on EB day



3 thoughts on “A Photo Update

  1. These pictures are too precious for words. Can’t wait to see her in person. Love all of you. PS. Where is grandmama Laura

  2. Precious!! I loved the ones of you and EB on Facebook but I will have to say EB with Jeremy melts my heart!!!! Praying for all the things you need!!!

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