Coming to You from Nanjing City

Hello everyone!


After ~30 hours of traveling, we finally made it to Nanjing around 10ish last night. We had a 3 hour delay in Guangzhou which has pretty much been our only issue. All of our luggage made it and that was one of the main things I was concerned about! And we actually aren’t feeling jet lagged. Maybe sleeping less than 4 hours during our 30ish of travel actually helped.

I know you all have been waiting for an update, but we have had some wifi connection issues. It’s pretty hit or miss and we can only get on in the lobby. As of me typing this post, Jeremy couldn’t get on the Internet through the laptop, but our phones are working. Go figure. Therefore I am going to keep this shorter than normal.

Here’s what I can tell you about China so far:
-Air conditioning isn’t of much importance.
-Women’s fashion is eccentric. Most girls wear short dresses and shorts with very high heels, both wedge and stiletto.
-Man purses/bags are quite popular. Across the should messenger style is what most men carry, but I also spotted a fanny pack and a leather satchel type tote.
-Everyone seems to always be in a hurry. Well, at least at the airport. They have no problem cutting you off or breaking in line. We have learned to watch out.
-And unfortunately, smoking is permissible just about everywhere.

Today has been a rest day which we very much needed. We slept late, had breakfast and the did a little shopping around the hotel. We are staying in the Confucius Temple area and hope to actually go inside it sometime this week.

We met and had dinner with two other adoptive families tonight. The Sigmon family from Raleigh and the Kendrick family from Albany. We had some great conversations and look forward to getting to know them all better over the next couple of weeks.

I don’t have a hard copy of our itinerary for the week yet, but I do know we get EB at 10 am tomorrow! Please pray for us as we figure out how to be parents and for the attachment and
bonding process. We will try and post pictures of EB when we can.

And speaking of pictures, I apologize there aren’t many in this post. I didn’t take
any today on my phone, and the ones Jeremy did wouldn’t come through via text to

Also, I forgot to list my dad in my prayer needs. He is having cataracts surgery tomorrow.

Ok, I’m gonna wrap this up for now but I hope to post again soon!


One thought on “Coming to You from Nanjing City

  1. Lindsey, I am so happy for you!!!Thanks for caring so much about blogging so that the folks at home can keep up with you !!!!! praying for all of your needs and requests!
    Love, Elizabeth s.

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