Leaving On a Jet Plane

Y’all. I cannot believe that we will be en route to Atlanta this afternoon. For the next couple of weeks I am probably going to overuse the word surreal, but I don’t know any other way to describe how we are feeling. Perhaps I should  invest in a thesaurus… Anyway, even though we are excited, anxiousness and nervousness are winning out right now. Once we finally get on the plane I believe we will feel more relaxed. Well, maybe not my mama, but I will. And I think excitement will finally take over once we land in China. Or possibly extreme exhaustion. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Because so may have asked, I wanted to share our itinerary along with specific things to pray for while we are gone. I also have a couple of disclaimers to state, so let’s start with them.

Number one, the temperature in China is equivalent to that of the sun, so no judging if I look like a sweaty, hot mess in all of our pictures. Actually, let me clarify  and say that Jeremy checked the weather in Nanjing and informed me that it’s only been in the 80s this week. Like that was supposed to make me feel better. I’ll be carrying around a 20 lb baby in my Ergo (which I am very thankful to have by the way) for all sightseeing, shopping, and other outdoor activities. By my math, two body temperatures at 98.6 degrees a piece equals 197.2, plus temperatures in the 80s comes out to ~282.2 degrees. That’s got to be close to the temperature of the sun right?  I’ve always been a whiz at math and science, so I feel confident my configuration is accurate. 😉

Number two, given all the above, my attire will most likely consist of t-shirts and shorts and my hairstyle that of a pony tail. Maybe I’ll even jazz it up a bit and rock a side pony or incorporate some braids. I promise I will try to look more presentable for important events like Gotcha Day (which we are actually going to call EB Day) and Civil Affairs. I would hate for EB to look back one day and wonder why her mama looked like one of the cast members of A Time to Kill. (sidebar: Did y’all not think it was overkill how ridiculously sweaty they all stayed during the movie? I mean, we do have A/C in the south. Although Ashley Judd did pull off the look better than most. But I digress.)

Obviously my ADD is in high gear today since I can’t seem to stay on topic. Let me get to the most important part before I get off on another tangent. There are many areas in which we need prayer. Some of the needs will be the same as what I listed for Stephen and Alison. And some may seem silly or irrelevant to you, but they are important to me. I know I’ve said it a million times, but thank you all for your faithfulness to keep us in your prayers! Please pray for:

  • Safe travel to Atlanta (and for Jeremy’s parents coming home; they are our personal escorts today)
  • No problems with the planes and smooth flights
  • No flight delays
  • No lost luggage
  • My mother has never flown before (or been out of the country other than on a cruise) so she is feeling quite anxious. Pray that she will feel calm and relaxed.
  • That we will all be able to sleep on the plane tonight
  • Protection over our families and house while we are gone
  • Specifically remember my sweet granddaddy. His health is not good (he’s 92) and he requires almost around the clock care.
  • Please also remember Jeremy’s mother. I am ashamed I haven’t mentioned her before now, but she has been battling cancer off and on for the past 7 years. She is currently receiving radiation and chemo. Mrs. Angie also has chronic pain that has been quite difficult to manage.
  • Quick recovery from jet lag
  • No sickness for any of us, including EB
  • No malfunctions with our digital camera , video camera, phones and laptop (I would probably have a stroke if we lost pics/videos of meeting EB or of any of our time in China)
  • And for our sweet Roxie girl. She’s our first adopted child and this is the longest we’ve ever left her. We have some sweet friends/neighbors taking care of her, but I do worry about her every time we travel. I’m going to miss this girl, even though she may not miss us. We’ve been telling her that we are going to get her sister, so I think she understands why we have to leave her for so long. 🙂


As usual, I have gotten a tad lengthy. Conciseness has never been my forte. So I’ll end for now and share the itinerary later. There will be plenty of time on the drive to Atlanta and/or waiting to board the plane to write.


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