424 days later….

and we are finally going to get our girl. 424 is the number of days from Lifeline accepting our application to receiving the email with our CA. It’s been 151 days since we first saw EB’s face and accepted her referral. It seems surreal after all this time that we will be holding her in our arms in less than 7 days.

I know I’ve said it before, but Jeremy and I will never be able to fully express our gratitude for the enormous amount of support we’ve been shown over the past year. We have been blown away by the kindness and generosity of family and friends, and in some cases, people we don’t even know that well. It has actually been a humbling experience and has made me aware of just how selfish I have been in my life. I am certainly not going to list names because people haven’t helped us so they can be recognized for it. But I do want to share the numerous ways in which people have given of themselves to us through this adoption process.

  • Financial support
  • Hosting showers
  • Gifts for EB
  • Cards, emails, texts, phone calls of encouragement
  • Donating items to our yard sale
  • Organizing/helping with the yard sale
  • Hosting fundraisers and purchasing items from the fundraisers
  • Offering to run errands
  • Loaning us items for our trip
  • Bringing us meals
  • Manual labor (EB’s nursery)
  • Taking care of Roxie
  • Genuine questions, concerns and enthusiastic comments about adoption and EB
  • Countless prayers

I’m sure I left something out, but as you can see, we have been truly blessed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I had several blog posts I wanted to write before we left, but I guess they will just have to wait. Maybe I’ll eventually get around to What Not To Say Part 2 and What Not To Say, Adoption Special. 🙂 However, I am going to try my best to keep the blog updated while we are in China. We obviously won’t know until we get there how WordPress will be working or if we’ll have consistent Facebook access, so check the blog frequently for updates in case we are unable to share via FB. I also plan to blog once more before we leave so keep an eye out for that post as well.

I will leave you with this song by Casting Crowns. Thank you Alison for sharing it with me.


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