TA = best acronym ever. For those of you who have somehow missed it, TA stands for Travel Approval. We got an email this afternoon from Karla  (director of the China program) saying she had received notification that our TA was en route from China via DHL!! We have only been on TA wait for about a week and honestly didn’t know what to expect given all that’s been going on in China.  Several LL families received TA earlier this week and by the end of the day Tuesday, Jeremy had resigned himself to the fact that we wouldn’t hear anything this week. Crazily enough, I woke up in the middle of the night that same day (well, in the early hours of Wednesday) and just had a feeling we would get TA this week, putting us in a mad scramble to get everything prepared to leave for China. Even so, I thought Jeremy was lying when he told me what the email said. Not sure why I thought he would joke about something of that nature though.

Anyway, here’s the deal. There is a possibility we could be leaving next Friday.  I don’t know whether I should jump for joy, cry or throw-up. However, there’s a potential hitch in that plan, which seems to be the case these days. There are still some available appointments for the Consulate on July 10th and 11th. Karla is going to try her hardest to get one of those dates for us. Even though she received that notification, she cannot request CA until she actually has our TA in hand. And we also don’t know how many other agencies will be requesting those dates as well. It will most likely be Monday or Tuesday before we know if we got one of the slots. That also means we would have about a 3-4 day notice before flying to China and families typically get about a two heads-up.  As you can probably imagine, our minds are running about a million miles an hour (sidebar: given that, I can’t be held responsible if this post contains typos, grammatical errors, or basically makes zero sense). I keep thinking about the “Before China To-Do List” that I made 3 weeks ago. There are 17 things on that list and I’ve done ~4.5 of them. So goes the life of an habitual procrastinator.

Once again, we are asking for your prayers. Please pray that we will be able to get CA on July 10th or 11th. (If we don’t, the first available appointment isn’t until July 25th). Pray that we will be able to calm down, focus and accomplish everything on our to-do lists. Two other LL families also got TA today and I ask that you pray for them to get CA as well. I don’t know that Jeremy and I will ever be able to fully express our gratitude for the numerous prayers lifted up on our behalf. When y’all say you’re praying, I know you mean it. Otherwise, I don’t think we would have gotten TA this week.

As soon as we get word next week, I’ll let you all know!


One thought on “TA!!!

  1. Praying for your timing to work for you to bring your precious angel home as soon as possible and that her Grandma Angie feels great when she gets here!

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