Final Update!

I love getting emails from our SW Mallory, especially when they contain pictures of my baby girl! I knew our final update was coming soon, but I was totally not expecting to get anything today or possibly even this week. So when I opened my email this morning and saw that part of the subject line read final update, I was beyond excited because I knew I was going to see EB’s sweet face. I didn’t know I would get to see her 4 times though! My day was totally made by those pictures and I wanted to share them with you all too.

We also got updates on her height, weight, etc. She is about 2.5 feet tall, weighs about 19 pounds (even though I swear she weighed more at our last update; I need to check on that), her feet are a little under 4.5 inches (whatever shoe size that equates to) and she has 16 teeth. I don’t know about height wise, but I do know her weight and feet seem to be quite tiny for her age, which we kind of expected. I have been texting with Alison during the few times we’re both awake, and she told me that Allie Ruth is tiny too. Her 24 month/2t clothes are huge on her! But eventually our girls will grow into their clothes. I  need to check the Chinese growth charts; maybe EB is right on par for her country!  🙂

And now for our final pictures until we have EB in our arms! Enjoy the cuteness.

Jiang Yan Min (1)

We were very surprised to see her in this fancy dress. Every other picture we have she’s been in overalls.

Jiang Yan Min (2)

Jiang Yan Min 4

She also looks to have a bit of a fro-puff. 😉 I am holding out hope that perhaps this means she has some texture to her hair. I have no idea what to do with fine, thin hair.

Jiang Yan Min


2 thoughts on “Final Update!

  1. Look at that sweetness! She is just absolutely beautiful! Prayers for a short time until you hold her in your arms!

  2. Oh my goodness. She is going to be spoiled rotten when she gets here. I think the entire church is vested in both EB and Allie Ruth. I know you have to be so excited. Praying that you will have her in your arms very soon.

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