Y’all Did It Again!

Sometimes I want to kick myself for  not posting what’s going on with us or asking for prayer sooner. Because once again, I asked for prayer, you all did  just that, and God responded in a big way! Monday afternoon our 800A approval was in the mailbox!! Jeremy immediately called our SW to let her know we finally received 800 and to find out what we needed to do next.  After talking with her, he of course called me and relayed their conversation. I was flying high on our good news, but in one phone call I completely crashed and burned. And so goes the world of adoption.

Basically, there are several more steps before we get to travel, which we were aware of. What I  didn’t realize however, was that we may not leave until July. I’m not sure where my dates have come from, but in my mind we were going to travel in June. Jeremy has felt certain the whole time it would be July. He told me worst-case scenario we leave around the end of July, and best-case scenario early July. Well, that is just completely unacceptable to me. I was standing in the middle of Lifeway as he told me this, fighting back tears and a possible hot flash. (I am way too young for hot flashes people; ain’t nobody got time for that). Then I felt so ungrateful, because just minutes earlier I was praising God and thanking Him for hearing our prayers and sending us exactly what we asked for. I wish I could tell you that I’ve pulled myself together, but I have pretty much been a crazy lady since Monday afternoon.

Anyway, back to what we are currently in the midst of. We are waiting to be logged in at the National Visa Center (NVC), not to be confused with the NBC (National Benefits Center). We are supposed to call and ask for them to email us a PDF copy of our approval which we will then forward to Lifeline. By calling and/or emailing, you can speed up the process a little bit. Somewhere along the way I missed the fact that it takes a few days for our 800 to make its way from Missouri to New Hampshire (even though that should seem pretty obvious). I of course called the NVC immediately Monday afternoon expecting them to email us our PDF, only to be told we weren’t logged into their system yet. I have now called two additional times, Jeremy one time, and I’ve sent an email. According to the dates on our 800, we should be in their system very soon. It’s been a blast being on hold for over 10 minutes each time, talking to people who barely speak English (ok, so it was just the one guy) and dealing with semi-rude government employees.

So here’s what I need you all to pray for now:

  • That we get the PDF we need before Friday (tomorrow would be preferable) so our SW can send our Article 5 (will explain later because I’m not totally sure what it is) to the US Consulate in Guangzhou.
  • That I will calm down, stop worrying, and trust God. Not only for my sanity, but for the sanity of my husband.
  • That completion of the Article 5 process will take less than the estimated two weeks.
  • And that by some miracle people get themselves in gear and the remaining clearances/approvals come way quicker than timeline so we can leave before July.

Several weeks ago the director of the China program for Lifeline posted this in response to another mama who was struggling with waiting. Karla is such an encourager and I love her response. I probably need to read this each day until we leave!

It is SO hard to wait….no one can take that away from a mama waiting for a child. It will happen in His perfect timing though and that perfect timing does not just apply to the ones having the hard time waiting…it could often be that your little needs just a bit more time with their caregiver to complete what was started there for a better transition to you, it could be financial reasons, it could be that the children already in our homes need just a bit more of us to insure that their transition in this process is successful, it could be husbands/wives needing just a bit more time together so they are going into this leg of the journey as healthy as can be…..who ever really knows? The one thing we DO know is that we can trust the one who holds this entire process in HIS MIGHTY HANDS! Thinking about you today. Nothing will thwart the plans of God- not the CCCWA, not agencies, not airlines, not immigration, etc.


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