And still we wait…

In my last post I told you all we were waiting on our LOA. Well here we are almost a month later and we’re still waiting for it to come. I have never been a patient person and the smidgen I have conjured up for this process is wearing very thin right now. This specific portion of the adoption wait began when we received our PA at the beginning of February, so that puts us over two months. I had been counting days, but now that we are on 60 something, I don’t even want to know the exact number.  And even though we have reached the two month mark that I never thought we’d see, we are actually still on par with timeline. (side note- I am thankful that we have either met or been faster than every other timeframe outlined by Lifeline) Our China manual and SW Mallory have said the typical wait from PA to LOA is 2-3 months. I can’t remember if mentioned in my last post that many families have received theirs in about half that time. So of course that has sent me into panic and all manner of worry about lost paperwork as well as other not so good scenarios that I’ve allowed my mind to think of.

I finally broke down and emailed Mallory on Monday and asked if there could be a problem with our paperwork. (another side note- I try not to be that crazy mom who constantly calls and emails and usually tell her so. But Jeremy says just by stating I’m not trying to be crazy probably means I am. 😉 ) Anyway, Mallory reminded me that we are still within our timeframe and that while several families recently have received LOA in 30 days or so, there are typically extenuating circumstances accompanying their seemingly quick waits. For example, expediting paperwork for a child who is about to age out or families whose paperwork has been in China for an extremely long time, perhaps for a year or longer. That made me feel a little better to know that 30 days isn’t the norm. She also said that Lily (Lily is employed by Lifeline and lives in China and I’m pretty sure does about a million different things!) constantly checks on paperwork to make sure it’s moving along like it should and alerts Mallory and other Lifeline staff if there is ever a problem. Oh, I should also state that once we do finally receive our LOA, we will still be approximately 8 weeks from traveling to China.

In addition to waiting on our LOA, I am also very impatiently waiting on new pictures of EB. I have not posted about the care package we sent her and I’ll do that in another post. But the lady we used was supposed to request new photos around the 10th. We weren’t able to get any updated information when the package was mailed because apparently EB’s SWI (social welfare institute) only gives updates every 3 months….You can imagine that has not helped my state of being the past couple of months. As if I’m already not glued to my phone as it is, I have checked my email an absurd amount of times in the past 48 hours or so to see if Ann has replied. As of me typing this post, she still has not. And the 14 time difference between here and China doesn’t  give many chances during the day to connect with each other. It is killing me to not know what’s going on with my baby girl. Babies change so quickly and I just want to see her face and hear how she’s developing.

So that’s pretty much where everything stands with the adoption. For those of you who know me well, you know I’m not a crier. But I’ve been on the verge of tears for the past few weeks so if I break down and cry, please don’t be alarmed. My emotions are all over the place. I feel mentally and physically exhausted. Maybe this isn’t too terribly different from being pregnant after all…

I am trying to remind myself that God is in control, which is quite hard because I don’t like to feel out of control. I am trying to trust and not waste the wait as I read about today. But I know I am failing miserably.

We would really appreciate your prayers right now. Probably Jeremy more so because he’s the one who has to live with me. 🙂

Y’all know I love Jen Hatmaker and she has some awesome posts about adoption. I found this one last week and posted on Facebook. If you didn’t see it or didn’t read it, I ask that you would. She gives some great advice about how to help families “before the airport” and “after the airport”.

I hope to be back very soon with some good news…


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