First Christmas and Now Easter

Well, since I’ve started posting Easter songs on Facebook I decided it was time to write about the holiday. For the past year or so, I have felt convicted about the way we celebrate the two holidays of the Christian faith. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you most likely read my posts on Christmas. And even though I didn’t quite state how we felt about Santa and what to do with him, if you’re my friend on Facebook you probably know now. I posted a picture of a figurine I saw at Hobby Lobby of Santa holding the Baby Jesus (What the what? I still can’t get over it). I asked what people thought the figurine was supposed to mean, truly not thinking the conversation would turn into a Santa debate. But it did and Jeremy pretty much stated our opinions on the topic.

Anyway, didn’t mean to digress. Back to the topic at hand which is Easter. I’ll just jump right in. What in the name of all that is pure and holy does a magical rabbit who leaves treats and eggs have to do with the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior and Lord? In case you’re not sure, the answer is nothing. I have an easier time giving you Santa, because at least he is based on a real saint who gave to the poor. But the “Easter Bunny”? I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

I realize there are some of you calling me crazy right now and some of you may have stones aimed my way. And that’s ok. Please know that I’m not judging your ways of celebrating. I just want to share what’s on my heart and mind. And I don’t always do that tactfully…I think Jen Hatmaker stated it well in her post on Christmas when she said:  “I know God is doing all sorts of different things with different families at different times; everybody be cool.”

And on that note, I think she’s the perfect person to share about Easter. As I did in my Christmas posts, I partly blame her for causing me to think about how we’ve been celebrating Christmas and Easter. But it was something I needed to hear so I’m not really mad at her. Now that she’s informed me on the origins of how we celebrate Easter, I want to do something really wild like start calling it Resurrection Day. Or even more radical, by its Biblical name of Passover. Haven’t you all ever wanted to do something like that? Or is that just me, the cooky holiday girl? 😉

I hope you will take the time to read Jen’s posts on Easter. You may find her to be offensive, but at least she’s funny while doing it.


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