Another Late Christmas Gift!!


I know many of you have read about this exciting news on Jeremy’s Facebook status, but I wanted to share on the blog as well. In my previous post I said we did not received a grant from Help Us Adopt but there was still the possibility of being awarded money from Show Hope. Well, I certainly did not expect to hear from them so quickly, and to be honest I really did not expect such a large amount. After all that God has done to provide financially for this adoption through fundraisers, extremely generous donations from friends and family and now this grant, I’m not sure why I continue to be surprised. Maybe at some point it will get through my thick head that our God is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that is within us! (Ephesians 3:20)

I half joked with Jeremy and told him that it must have been my awesome cover letter that caught the attention of the Show Hope grant committee. I went back and read the letter on Monday and I’m pretty sure I didn’t blow anybody away. All. my. sentences. were. so. short. and. choppy. I’m just grateful that God moved them to choose us because I certainly wasn’t going to win anyone over with my persuasive writing skills.

We are so very thankful to Show Hope for believing hat we are worthy to receive $4,000 to help bring our baby girl home. It would make Jeremy and me so happy if you would take the time to visit their site and learn about all they do in the areas of adoption aid and orphan care. It would make us even happier if you would consider giving to Show Hope. Then we could say that was our 3rd late Christmas present!


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