Just to be clear…

Adoption is not a means by which to get pregnant. Nor is it Plan B. Adoption was God’s Plan A for us from the start. We just didn’t realize it for a while.

We have all heard the stories of couples who tried to get pregnant for years and couldn’t. They decide to adopt, and BAM,  they are finally pregnant. And while that does happen from time to time, the percentage of infertile couples that go on to conceive is relatively low. I couldn’t really find any hard facts, but I did come across this article which stated things pretty well.

Now I’m not saying we wouldn’t be thrilled if we got pregnant one day, because we obviously would. But we are also thrilled about starting our family through adoption. I mean we aren’t even close to bringing EB home (sadly) and I’m already thinking about adoption #2!

Please know that we aren’t upset with anyone who has made comments like this to us. I’m sure somewhere along the way we have said things to couples with the best intentions. Jeremy and I have survived the hell that is infertility and have learned so much. Because of what we know now, we would take back even those best intended comments. You don’t realize how they are taken and perceived until you are on the receiving end of them.

Infertility is a sensitive subject and I’m learning that adoption can be too. I hope I can help educate (for lack of a better word) on some do’s and don’ts on these topics. Stay tuned…



2 thoughts on “Just to be clear…

  1. I love this post :). I once read it was 6-8% that have the post adoption pregnancy surprise. Not nearly enough for it to be the standard! My other favorite that my friend heard was something to the tune of “maybe you’re just not going to have kids.” That was by far the worst thing I had ever heard!

  2. Hi, Thank you for sharing so honestly. I came over to your blog from NHBO where I read your comment. I wanted to say You’re Welcome! I know our SLP, who works every week with our daughter that was the focus of that post as well as our cleft-affected son … she has been so encouraged by our daughter’s courage to try out for that solo as well.

    I can only imagine what it is like to be an SLP b/c I see how hard our two work, so I can only imagine when you work with many children who struggle for language. I hoped the article on NHBO would be an encouragement to many.

    Thank you for the work you do as an SLP and I hope your adoption journey continues to be blessed!

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