Quick Update

Just had a few little things to share with you all.

First, my friend Carla and her husband are in Uganda and have met their baby girl! I’m not sure how the process works there, but it seems as though that they have not been able to take her from the orpahanage yet. They have started their own blog which makes me happy. So far, Clint is the author and he is pretty funny. Be sure to follow their time in Uganda with sweet Zari Grace.


Second, we have decided on October 20th for our yard sale. We have already had a couple of friends donate some items for us to sell and we appreciate them so much. If you live in the area and would like to help us put up signs, set up the morning of, etc. we would love to have your help. I’m hoping this turns into a big event.

And last, our home study and 800A should have been mailed to USCIS yesterday! Since we are finished with our home study (and Sherry for now), Mallory in the Birmingham office is our contact for the next part of the process. Anyway, Mallory is in Texas this week for a conference and was supposed to have mailed our documents before she left. We haven’t heard back from her yet for confirmation though. Please pray that we filled everything out correctly. I don’t want any of these forms being sent back to us to correct!

Now off to finish grant application number two….


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