Uganda Bound

So I manage not to post for two months, and now I have posted twice in one week. Go figure.

This post is not about our adoption story however. It’s about my friend Carla and her husband Clint’s journey. Carla is a sweet, funny friend that I was in the speech path program with at UA. I looked through about a million pictures from college last night (which was so much fun by the way), and this is apparently the only solo pic I have of Carla. This was taken at one of our hippotherapy sessions. Several of us participated that semester as one of our professors conducted research on children with autism, hippotherapy and speech therapy.

Anyway, for the past two years, Carla and Clint have been going through the adoption process. And the time has finally arrived for them to get their baby girl! I believe they are leaving tomorrow and will be in Uganda for the next 4-6 weeks.

Each country is different with their adoption requirements. And from what I can tell, China and Uganda are polar opposites. Whereas we know exactly what we’ll be doing the two weeks we are there, Carla and Clint only know their court date is September 25th.

Carla and Clint are members of CrossFit NorthRidge in Tuscaloosa. This morning they had a special WOD  honoring their journey, which I think was so touching and awesome. Plesase go to their page and read the letter from their CF friends and a letter from Carla as well.

It has been many years since I’ve been around Clint and probably as many since I’ve seen Carla. But I can tell you that they are Godly people and will make fantastic parents. I cannot wait to see pictures of this sweet girl and hear about their time in Uganda! Please pray for them and their baby girl; her specific requests were mentioned in the CF blog post.

I will leave you all with more pictures of Carla and some of our speech girls. Looking through my photos last night made me miss my college friends dearly. UA’s speech program is small, so we pretty close-knit. This group of girls was so much fun to be with and I’m thankful for the times we had together. And if you didn’t make a picture, I do apologize. I obviously wanted pics that had Carla in them. 🙂



One thought on “Uganda Bound

  1. That is so exciting. I actually used to be completely fearful of adoption, which probably sounds like an odd way to feel, but I always worried that if I did adopt, the child wouldn’t love me once he/she found out about the adoption, like there would always be this barrier. But now, it seems like such a selfless, deeply affecting and positive experience and I wish both you and your friend the best of luck with it.

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