Moving Right Along…

…but still a long ways to go!

Well, I guess you could say we are about halfway through our homestudy process. We’ve had two interviews with Sherry and have two more left.

Our last interview was our individual where we discussed our autobiographies. Lifeline’s main office is in Birmingham and Sherry lives in Troy. She obviously doesn’t have an office so we met with her at her church. I went first and Jeremy hung out in one of the Sunday School classrooms. Naturally, my interview was lengthy. Jeremy said he almost fell asleep while waiting on us to get finished and was tempted to lay across some chairs and nap. He gave me a hard time for talking too much, but his interview wasn’t exactly short. Sherry told me she would make him talk! 🙂

I thought Sherry would go through our autobiographies and maybe highlight certain portions to discuss. But mostly she had her manual and asked questions that we feel like we’ve answered a million times already. Jeremy told her this process is just a mini psych evaluation. I assume by continuing to ask the same questions they hope you’ll crack or either change your answer enough to note there’s something you’re trying to hide. Even though it’s aggravating, it’s a good thing in situations where prospective parents have backgrounds of abuse or a difficult childhood. Because serious issues such as those definitely need to be resolved before bringing a child into your home. Anyway, Sherry did talk about certain parts of our autobiographies and I’m sure if anything stood out to her as a potential red flag we would have discussed in more depth. We must seem normal enough, because all went well for our individual interviews.

Before we met with Sherry in Troy, we headed to Montgomery to get our fingerprints. And we did confirm the ABI was open before we drove all the way up there this time! As I mentioned before, they do fingerprints with a program called LiveScan. It was pretty neat. Everything is done on the computer. There’s an electronic touch pad of some sorts that took our fingerprints and the computer screen displayed them. The program would also alert if a print wasn’t clear and needed a redo. I guess that’s why LiveScan fingerprints don’t get rejected versus the standard dip your finger in ink way. Then the lady just printed our fingerprints onto our cards and it looked just like we had used ink. Way cool. (It doesn’t take much to impress me.) Jeremy sent our prints off the next day. They should have arrived early last week in Virginia. I’m not sure how long they take to process, but hopefully Lifeline will let us know soon that we have been cleared.

In addition to our remaining two interviews with Sherry, we still have the following things to complete before the homestudy is finished:

  1. physical exam (including blood and urine samples)
  2. internet readings about China
  3. webinar with UAB’s International Adoption Clinic (didn’t know this even existed until recently, but love that we have this resource!)
  4. email pics of ourselves and home to Sherry
  5. another financial worksheet
  6. info sheet pertaining to our insurance coverage and what special services the elementary school our child will attend provides (speech, OT, ESL; I shouldn’t have any trouble filling this one out)
  7. two more sets of discussion questions (Jeremy was not aware of this until I mentioned it on our drive to Montgomery. Needless to say, he wasn’t very happy. But after writing our autobiographies, these questions should be a breeze)

This week we completed our Intercountry Adoption Training modules that’s required by the Hague convention. This consisted of videos, Power Point like presentations and other articles. A lot of was information I already knew; I guess because I’m an information seeker by nature and have already read a good bit about adoption. Also, many of the modules were about special needs and due to my profession and work setting, I knew much of that info as well.

I also finished our required reading of The Connected Child. What a great book. I am going to do a separate post on it later.

Ok, I guess that about catches you all up on where we are. Again, if you taking the time to read all this, thank you. I know the majority of it is not all that interesting.

Oh and Jeremy just said he plans to write his guest post tomorrow afternoon or night. And he’s sorry that we’ll be posting twice in two days. He thinks that’s too much. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along…

  1. I love your blogs! I know you and Jeremy have to go through quite a lot and I do appreciate how the blogs keep us up-to-date on the adoption process. Love you both! Aunt J

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