Autobiography Finished!

At least 6 hours of writing and about 9 pages later, I am finally finished with my autobiography. And as much as I’m tired of looking at a computer screen and think I have carpal tunnel, I’m just so glad it’s over with and I wanted to share the happy news! 🙂

I guess I can’t complain too much because I’ve known I had to do this for over a month now. Which is when Jeremy started on his. But I am a major procrastinator and didn’t really starting working on mine until yesterday. That’s how I live my life though. I think I work better under pressure. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

And I wish this was the only thing I had to type up and answer. But we each have 2 more sets of discussion questions to type out. Fun times.

As for the autobiography, there were 14 sections to complete with many questions under each heading. Lucky for us, we don’t have any previous marriages so we got to skip that section leaving a whopping 13 sections.

Here is a list of what we had to write about:




Parent’s Relationship and Marriage


Family Background


Early Adulthood

Marital Relationship and Family Lifestyle

Church Life


Self-Perception (the hardest section for me. When it said to describe how I currently perceive myself I really wanted to say that I was awesome. ha)


At times I felt like I was answering the same things over and over. And for some questions, I really wanted to just write, I don’t know or something borderline sarcastic. I know that’s terrible but after a while, my patience had flown out the window.  Jeremy said it’s a mini psychological evaluation and I think he’s right. We will meet with Sherry in Troy on Thursday. She will interview us separately based upon what we wrote in our autobiographies. It should be interesting.

We are also going to hopefully get our fingerprints done before we meet with Sherry. Since I didn’t write about it in the last post, here’s what happened: We have been told that fingerprint clearance is one of the things that takes the longest to clear. And since we were going to be gone for about 10 days, we wanted to get that taken care of before we left town. We also have been told by several people to go to the ABI office in Montgomery to get this done. They use something called Live-Scan. I don’t really know much about how it works other than the technology used or maybe that the fingerprints themselves are better quality. At any rate when using Live-Scan, prints rarely, if ever, get rejected. And couples who have gotten fingerprinted locally (at the police department, etc) have had to redo theirs. So obviously we want to do what we can to not delay the home study process. The week we were leaving for our trip was very busy between me teaching VBS, and both travel and car business for Jeremy. The only day we could go to Montgomery was on Monday, June 4th. Jeremy got on ABI’s website, looked up their number and gave them a call. No answer so he left a message. Well, nobody had returned his call by the time I got out of VBS. Jeremy just assumed that was government employees at their finest and we proceeded on to Montgomery. (and I can make that statement because I am a government employee too as is Jeremy’s aunt) Anyway, we are driving along and Jeremy’s phone is blowing up left and right with customers. Which is great, but also typical for when we are trying to leave town or have something important to do. We finally get to downtown Montgomery and it is pretty much deserted. I had a bad feeling, but I didn’t immediately think the worst. After putting a quarter in the parking meter, a man walks up and tells us that all the offices were closed; it was somebody’s birthday. I thought I was going to loose it and start crying right in the middle of downtown Montgomery. We got back in the car and neither of us spoke for a while. But I did google on my phone Alabama state holiday June 4th. Apparently it was Jefferson Davis’ birthday. And I will admit that I didn’t know who he was and Jeremy had to tell me. Who knew that was a state holiday?  I continued to fume and poor  Jeremy knew I was upset and he tried to make me feel better. He even took me to Eastchase and offered to let me shop! But I wasn’t in the mood. Eventually I got over it. Well, somewhat and we stopped in Ozark to eat at El Palacio. But I just hated know that we wasted an entire afternoon and a half a tank of gas. But lesson learned, always get somebody on the phone and verify they are open. And probably just don’t ever attempt to go to a government office on a Monday. What’s crazy though and internet driven as our society is, that there was nothing on their website saying they were closed. But you better believe we are making an appointment  this time for Thursday!

PS- look for a guest post soon from Jeremy.


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