My Mama

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’m excited for two reasons:

1. Even though we have barely started our adoption process, and even though we don’t have a referral yet, I know that I have a baby either close to being born or that has been born (which is totally wild to think about by the way!). And that gives me a reason to celebrate this year.

2. My mother and I have an annual tradition of going down to Panama City Beach and spending the day with my aunt Janice (my mama’s sister), her daughter Alison, and Alison’s two daughters Haley and Jordan. We always eat somewhere with a great view of the beach, do a little shopping and end the day with some homemade ice cream.

So in addition to our trip tomorrow, I wanted to write a little post about my mama. One of my favorite writers/bloggers is Ann Voskamp. If you don’t know her, you should. She has partnered with Compassion International and started The 1000 moms Project. You can read more here. But basically for anyone who writes about their mom on their blog, or on Ann’s Twitter or Facebook pages, a mom in Haiti will be sponsored in the areas of health care and education! Isn’t that awesome?

My mama has been a wonderful mother. Has she been perfect? Of course not, because no one is. Have we had disagreements? Of course. What mother and daughter haven’t? But let me tell you that my mama loves me probably more than I know. (and I hope she knows how much I love her too) She is giving and so helpful. Since I started in the public schools 6 years ago, she has helped me get my room ready every year and had made by bulletin boards for me. Every time I have a party at my house, she makes the food. And she doesn’t do these things because I ask her. She volunteers because she loves to do these things for me.

As a child, I don’t know how often she bought things for herself. It was always for my brother and me. I’m sure I’ll learn too about the many sacrifices that mothers make for their children. My mama taught school for 20+ years and she was like a mother to many of her students. They always confided in her and she was the favorite teacher to so many. To me, that speaks volumes. She was a hard worker and loved her students. I would be honored to be remembered for those same things one day.

My mama lost her mother when I was around 8 or 9, so she was in her early 30s. I can’t imagine what that was like for her. I don’t want to think about losing her at any age, but especially as a young women, with young children. I know my mama felt my Nana had so much more to teach her and I would feel the same way. But she has also been a wonderful daughter-in-law to my daddy’s parents. She cooks for them weekly, takes them to doctors’ appointments and the list goes on and on. My granny tells me all the time how much they love her and how good she is to them.

Mama has recently taken up running. She is doing great and I’m so proud of her. I can’t wait until she signs up for her first 5K! She has also amazed me over the last month with the strength, kindness, peace and forgiveness she’s talked about and displayed. I believe there are big things at work in her life.

I can’t wait to see my mama in action as a grandmother. She already loves our baby like I do, even though we don’t know her yet! She is going to be a phenomenal grandma. I mean, she loves our dog like a grandchild so I can only imagine how she’ll be with our baby. 🙂

Mama, thank you will never be enough for all the things you’ve done for me and will continue to do. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you.

PS- I am supposed to insert the 1000 Moms button into this post and I don’t think wordpress allows their bloggers to do so. If I’m just stupid, please help me out somebody! But here is where other bloggers have linked up their posts and you can see those buttons and banners I can’t insert.



2 thoughts on “My Mama

  1. What a sweet triubute to your Mama. Anyone that does bulletin boards for somebody else gets an extra jewel in their crown 🙂 And a very Happy Mother’s Day to you! Yes, you do have something wonderful to celebrate!

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