Q & A Number Two

Ok, I am adding some questions to the most frequently asked list. To see the first set I addressed, you can read the blog post titled Q&A.

11. Will you be able to give your daughter a different name?

Yes we will. After we have chosen our baby we will name her. From what I’ve read and understand, the workers in the orphanage will start calling her by her new name.

12. Will you keep her Chinese name?

Most likely. Many families keep part or all of their baby’s Chinese name. So most likely she will have the first and middle name we choose, her Chinese name, and our last name. Jeremy isn’t a huge fan of this, but I think I’ll be able to convince him. And actually, it’s always driven me nuts to read the birth announcements in the paper and see a child with two middle names. Well, I guess I’ll be one of those people now.

13. What all have you done so far in the process?

We have completed our application which consisted of about 8 pages of personal information. We also had to write our testimonies and answer 8 doctrinal questions. Lifeline has emailed us our 102 page China manual which consists of more paperwork and assignments for us and our Alabama manual. Jeremy has already started writing his autobiography. I just can’t think about that right now. Maybe when I’m finished writing IEPs at school. And we also got our background check papers and fingerprint cards in the mail. We are just waiting for our social worker to call us and get our home studies rolling!

14. How did your Stella and Dot fundraiser go?

It went great! Again, we are so grateful to Hannah for doing this benefit for us. And we are very thankful to our friends and family who either came last night or placed an order online. I know several others are going to place an order and we thank them too! Hannah is keeping the order open on her site until the end of May. You can find links to her site on the fundraiser post.

Also,  a special thanks to my mama and Jeremy’s mama for making some yummy treats for us to enjoy last night!


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