Q & A

Since our announcement, we have been flooded with questions. I am just glad people are interested enough in our lives to ask! So I thought I would try to answer the most frequently asked questions about our adoption.

1. Will you have to go to China?

Yes, we will have to go to China to get our daughter and bring her home. We will be there from 10-14 days.

2. How long does the process take?

From the submission of our application until getting on the plane for China should take anywhere from 12-15 months.

3. Are you adopting a girl? Can you adopt boys from China?

Yes, we are adopting a girl. And yes, boys are available for adoption. I’m not sure of the numbers, but the ratio of girls to boys is much, much higher.  And if I’m not mistaken all the boys who have been put up for adoption have special needs.

4. Will you be adopting a child with special needs?

Yes we will. The adoption agency told us that the “healthy” child waiting list for China is give or take 6 years!! After some discussion, we decided we would adopt a little girl with special needs. However, special needs in China isn’t always what we consider special needs. Birth marks are considered a special need! Isn’t that wild? Many of the needs are easily corrected in the U.S. such as cleft lip/palate and club foot. But there are children with more severe needs as well.  (I feel like I said needs a million times in this paragraph! I think I’ll start abbreviating)

5. Will you know your child’s SN?

Yes we will. At some point in the paperwork process, I believe we will be given a checklist of the various SN/medical conditions. We will be able to check yes or no for each one listed. Then when we start receiving referrals, we will be given the medical history on each child sent to us. We will just pray that the information provided to us will be accurate!

6. How much does it cost?

Everyone wants to know, but seems hesitant to ask.  It’s public knowledge and you can easily find this information on Lifeline’s website if you looked it up, so we don’t feel like we are sharing some secretive figure. The total cost is approximately $30-32,000. That is the cost for everything; legal fees, agency fees, flights, hotel and food, etc.

7. Why did you choose China?

For a future blog post, I will answer this question. And also answer, why we didn’t choose domestic.

8. How old will she be?

We aren’t exactly sure, but at least a year old. I’ll explain more about that later too.

9. Do you have a name picked out?

Yes and no. We have a girl name that we have always loved. But we are just going to wait until we see her little face and decide then. 🙂

10. My personal question that I asked Jeremy last night at La Bamba: Do you think they have Mexican food in China? He just died laughing and said probably not. I figured as much, but I can still hold out hope! What will I do without Mexican for 2 weeks? I told Jeremy that La Bamba will be the first place we eat when we get back to Alabama!

Also, for those of you who haven’t heard, Lifeline received our application yesterday! She said everything looked great and she would begin processing our paperwork. We are waiting now on a phone call from the director of the China program! Her name is Carla and she’ll call sometime next week. Yay!


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