Fun Shopping Links

Sorry I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I just go through these spells where I’m either on here too much (that includes reading/stalking other people’s blogs) or weeks go by before I log on.  Anyway, hope all is well with everyone.

I just wanted to post some links to some personal websites of two of my friends who sell some great products. These will be listed under my websites tab as well.

First, my friend Tiffany sells Thirty One. I love that the name of the company is based off of Proverbs 31.  I just started hearing about these products a few months ago and I finally had a party last week. I ordered a lunch tote back in December from another girl’s catalog party. But seeing the products in person is so much better. Or worse, because then you want to buy everything! And having a party was totally worth it. I racked up some great deals and freebies! I can’t wait for it all to come in. If you are a local girl, please use Tiffany if you decide to have a party. She did a fantastic job and has just about every product in the catalog for you to see. If you’re not a local girl, you can still order from her site. 🙂

Second, my friend Vicky who I also work with sells Scentsy and has recently begun selling Stella and Dot. Vicky calls herself the direct sales diva. :)I did a Scentsy catalog party back in November and earned some great rewards to buy some Christmas gifts with. I like Scentsy because you can choose from many different beautiful warmers, it’s flameless and the scent bars and bricks last forever. If you’re not familiar with Scentsy, just go to the site and they will do a much better job explaining their products than I will.

Then there’s Stella and Dot, the jewelry company. Like I said, Vicky has just started selling this so I can’t promote it too much. She has brought some of the jewelry  to school and what I’ve seen is super cute. And the catalog has even more fabulous items.  I told her I would have a trunk show this summer. Obviously I am all about a party! The hostess rewards look pretty good with Stella and Dot too.

Ok, I thought I had saved Vicky’s Stella and Dot site, but I have not. And it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to look her up on their site. If I find it, I will update this post and in my websites tab.

And just like I said with Tiffany, please support Vicky if you’re a local girl or shop on her sites. Well, Scentsy site for now. 🙂

Happy browsing and shopping!


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