So I’m thinking…

...that I might have offended some people based off my last post. I don’t know that for sure, just guessing. (Or I’m just being paranoid that I offended someone, b/c I tend to worry about things that aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things) It’s pretty much impossible to know the tone in which a person is writing, which is a big downside to blogs, emails and Facebook. Please know that even though the shows I listed more or less disgust me, I wrote the post in a funny, joking manner. And I know there are probably several of you who watch one or more of these shows.  My husband and mother both think that Toddlers and Tiaras is hilarious, but they know I can’t stand it and we’re cool about it. I’m sure there are shows I watch that make ya’ll cringe or want to vomit. I personally absolutely love 19 Kids and Counting, but my friend Denise can’t stand them and thinks they are ridiculous.

Ok, hopefully my next post will be of some worth since the last two have been more or less pointless. 🙂


2 thoughts on “So I’m thinking…

  1. Hilarious… this is your blog and your opinion… and I have watched almost everyone of those shows… trash tv is a weakness of mine but I agree they are definitely gross and examples of what is wrong with our world. I just go into ever show knowing they are ridiculous and I don’t get fired up. Shay can’t watch T&T because he gets so mad. ha ha. Bama Belles on the other hand is a different story. (:

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