Mr. and Mrs.

A couple of weeks ago, (in)courage posted a status on Facebook asking if any bloggers would be interested in doing a product review. I assumed it would only be for popular bloggers with lots of readers which would totally rule me out. πŸ™‚ But there weren’t any requirements other than to select which month you wanted to do a review and which products you would like. I chose this month and then I had to rank the 4 items in order of preference. And the best part is, I got to keep whatever they sent!

So I received a package (I love getting packages!) from DaySpring containing my first choice. I was very excited about getting the Mr. and Mrs. love collection. This collection has two coffee mugs; one for the Mr. and one for the Mrs., a coupon book, a journal and gift bag.

I have not used the coffee mugs yet. Or the Mrs. coffee mug as I will not be drinking from the Mr. I have a travel coffee cup I drink out of during the week that I take to school. But on Saturdays and Sundays I drink out of mugs like these. Since we were out of town at Weekend to Remember, I did not get a chance to use them. But I am looking forward to enjoying my coffee from my Mrs. mug in a few days.

Aren’t they so cute? I just love them!

I do not have the best camera in the world (or the best photography skills), but I wanted ya’ll to see the cute heart in the bottom. The mugs also have Song of Solomon 3:4 written on the inside which is hard to make out in this photo.

I used the cute gift bag to put Jeremy’s Valentine’s present in. He also got two king sized Reese’s hearts which were eaten before this picture was taken. And I love to save gifts bags and reuse them, so I hope to get lots of good use from this bag since I”ll only be putting gifts for Jeremy in it.

Here are the journal and coupon book. I was so excited I had this journal and planned to use it at the marriage conference. Well, they had notebooks with the notes already outlined for us so I didn’t get to use it. 😦 Maybe I can talk Jeremy into using the journal to write sweet notes to each other. πŸ˜‰ And for those who know my husband, you know that’s probably not going to happen.

Again, you can’t tell from this photo, but each page in the journal has a quote or Bible verse on it.

And here’s the other side of the journal. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know how much use it will get. The coupon book has 32 different coupons to use with each other. Examples include laundry assistant, massage, and car wash. There are others that are not service oriented, like praying for your spouse or just saying I love you. On the back of each coupon is a Bible verse. I think this would make a cute gift. Actually, I think all these products would make good gifts. And more so for husband to give to their wives.

Thank you (in)courage and DaySpring for giving me the opportunity to do this product review. It was fun and I love the Mr. and Mrs. collection!


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