I Heart Books

And I heart books about marriage, from a Biblical standpoint that is. So in honor of our upcoming holiday, here are some books on love and marriage that I really enjoyed and recommend reading.

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas- This book shed a whole new light on the design of marriage.  I love the whole concept of marriage being intended to make us holy, not happy. I do believe that we should never look to our spouse to ultimately make us happy. That fulfillment can only come from God and I think that’s one reason many marriages struggle.

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman- I know a lot of people have probably read this book.  We I read this book before we got married. Jeremy actually did the quiz in the back that determines your love language and I must say it is very accurate.  

Just Married by Margaret Feinberg- I read this book the first year we were married so I honestly can’t remember a whole lot about it! I know at the time I thought it was a good book and I know there were some very valuable points. Maybe I should go back and read it again since I can’t seem to remember what they are! And even if you’ve been married a while, I don’t see why you couldn’t check it out.

For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn- This is probably one of my favorite books. I’ve read it twice now. This book really gives  great insight into the inner workings of  mens’ minds. Shaunti interviewed and polled hundreds of men for her book.  After reading it, I felt like I understood Jeremy’s brain better and things that I didn’t necessarily like I understood the reason behind it. For example, men are just hard-wired to look at women. They can’t not look. I mean, even I will look at a beautiful girl. It’s just nature. So I have learned not to get angry if Jeremy looks at beautiful girls when we are at a restaurant, etc. There is a difference though between looking with a passing glance and staring lustfully. 🙂 And Jeremy really does try not to look at particular places if you know what I mean. 😉 She also explains how men have a mental Rolodex in their brains. So the images of some of these women they have looked at can just pop into their minds at any time. Given that, I have tried not to dress in a way that would cause another woman’s husband to look at me a create that mental picture (I also learned a lot about dress from Apples of Gold). Because I certainly don’t want any woman besides me to pop into Jeremy’s mind!

I have not yet read Love and Respect but it’s on my list.

Disclaimer: I think we all know that just reading these kinds of books does not a perfect marriage make. You actually have to put these principles into practice, and I am speaking to myself too. And even then, your marriage is not going to be perfect, because we are not perfect people! Also, lest we not forget the Bible as being the number one go to book on marriage. I am bad about reading Biblical books, but neglecting the Word.

 Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “I Heart Books

  1. I need to read some of these books. Shay and I have been doing some marriage devotionals of course but they are a little different than books obviously. I wish I loved to read more so that I could make time to read these books. We just did Love and War devotional which was very powerful. Now we are doing No Greater Love. It is pretty good so far too, maybe not as powerful but not everything can be. I need to borrow some of these from you, especially Love Languages if you have it……

  2. Michael and I participated in a marriage conference this past weekend and the book Love and Respect is at the top of my list to read as well. Do share your opinions if you read before I!

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