Do You Flip?

I got a Flip video for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It was actually a gift for Jeremy and me, but pretty much it’s mine. It was a gift from my MIL. She had no idea I even wanted one. Actually, she didn’t even know what a Flip video was. Jeremy’s aunt found them on sale and was getting one for her daughter for Christmas and thought it would make a great gift for Jeremy and me and my SIL and BIL. So thanks Sharon for me getting a Flip!

I have been very pleased with the quality so far. Even Jeremy has been impressed. He had been skeptical ever since I first started talking about the Flip. It’s super easy to use as well which is a plus. Using the Flip and uploading videos is virtually effortless.

My favorite subjects to video are of course my nieces and nephews.  Here are a couple I took the  night I got the Flip. 

This is Jaylee attempting to play Jenna Kate’s piano. KK has a bit of a temper and is not really a fan of sharing. 🙂


This is Tanner playing the piano and his new guitar. He loves music and instruments. I definitley think he will be a musician. And bless his heart, he was getting sick that night but he played all night anyway.



2 thoughts on “Do You Flip?

    • You do need one! I think everybody does. When Mrs. Angie saw how much we loved ours and how easy it was, she wanted one too. So Mr. Tony bought her one for an early Christmas present.

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